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/Privacy Abbreviated/

Dive into the changes happening in the privacy landscape and get actionable takeaways for your business.

Meet Your Hosts

Dona Fraser

Dona leads the Global Privacy Division at BBB National Programs, an independent, non-profit organization that oversees more than a dozen national industry self-regulation programs that set high standards for the advertising and privacy practices of business. She works directly with companies and regulators to make sure they have the knowledge and tools they need to operate within a rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

Dona Fraser
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Jason Cronk

Jason Cronk is a founder of The Institute of Operational Privacy Design (IOPD), an organization with a mission to define and drive the adoption of privacy design standards. Jason is a Certified Information Privacy Professional, a Certified Information Privacy Manager, a Certified Information Privacy Technologist, a former member of the IAPP Faculty, a licensed attorney in the United States, an author, blogger, speaker and passionate advocate for understanding privacy. 

What To Expect

Privacy Abbreviated, a monthly podcast brought to you by BBB National Programs and IOPD, helps business leaders operationalize and prepare for what’s next in privacy. Subscribe to stay in the know.

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